“As Senior Director of Managed Care & Trade Relations, I had the opportunity to work with Priority Authorizations LLC as a partner in providing access for a newly-launched product. They have been extremely flexible in creating a program that fit the needs of our organization while at the same time making sure that compliance with rules and regulations were strictly adhered to. Their staff presented a high degree of professionalism from the accredited nurses to the day-to-day operations personnel. Their nursing staff was highly-trained in dealing with the payer community as well as being well-versed in the disease state with which we dealt. The reporting functions and staff were able to accommodate the needs of our internal regulatory and data analytics team. Priority Authorizations, LLC was a tremendous partner that was willing and able to customize to the needs of a smaller-sized pharma organization.”

Former Sr. Director, Managed Care and Trade Relations, Meda Pharmaceuticals

“Priority Authorizations is a helpful resource in the prescription market that has helped many HCP accounts by reducing time and confusion associated with getting PAs through, primarily by completing the documentation that payers require. This resource reduced many lost prescriptions by processing the right forms with just the right information, resulting in a great outcome of patients getting the Rx the HCP prescribed. My representatives and their offices really appreciate having this PA service available.”

District Manager, Mylan Pharmaceuticals

“Priority Authorizations delivers much more than they promise. They are innovative, responsive, honest, and they follow up quickly on commitments. They are the best in this space!”

National Account Manager, ALK Pharma

“Bethany and her team at Priority Authorizations provided our brand exactly what it needed to overcome the severe PA obstacles it faced. We could not have been happier with the success of their program. Prescriber feedback on the program was nothing but positive and patients were finally gaining improved access to the brand they were prescribed by their healthcare provider. Thank you Priority Authorizations!"

Sr. Director, Marketing (decision maker for the PA program), Meda Pharmaceuticals